Muse Oslo 2013

Spring is here and summer is almost. The period of great programs and unforgettable programs starts in every point of the world. And however in the capital of Norway, in Oslo the weather is not as worm as in a Mediterranean country, but the mood get higher and higher, because here there will be guaranteed …

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Green Day Oslo 2013

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool will be visiting Oslo in 2013. So far only very few cities are on the privileged list of cities which will be visited by Green Day in 2013, but Oslo is one of them, so if you want to see this American Punk rock, pop punk and …

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Norway – Ciprus, Euro 2012 Qualification

It is hard to say at the current moment whether this will be an interesting match or not, and it is also hard to say how important it will be. But, hopefully Norway will be fighting for one of the top places in the group and a place in the European Championship in 2012. So, …

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Norway – Iceland, Euro 2012 Qualification

Norway will play against Iceland at Ulleval Stadium September 2nd, at 20.00. A match Norway will have to win if they want to have any chance qualifying to the Euro 2012. SO, this is important, therefore you better be there and cheer for the Norwegians! You can buy tickets for the match using the link …

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Bon Jovi Oslo 2011

Bon Jovi is a superhot artist all around the world, and the Bon Jovi concert in Oslo in 2011 will for sure be one of the hottest events in Oslo in 2011. The venue for the Bon Jovi concert in Oslo is Ulleval Stadium, where the Norwegian national team normally plays their matches, and it …

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Norway – France, friendly match

If you would like to see how the French giants who played a terrible World Cup will do as they face the Norwegian national team at Ulleval Stadium in Oslo, then you better order your ticket for this match today. This might turn into a cool match with several goals, and of course the Norwegians …

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Green Day Oslo 2010

Green Day is out touring Europe again, and wherever they go, crowds gather to hear their music. Normally all arenas and venues are packed to the max as Green Day visit and that will probably be the same as they enter Ulleval in Oslo June 4th, 16.00. Grab hold of your ticket today if you …

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A-Ha Oslo 2010

All norwegians love A-Ha, a product of their own beautiful nation. So, as A-Ha enters the stage in Oslo Spektrum December 2010 and Ulleval Stadium August 21st, it will for sure be a good atmosphere and crowded. A-Ha has had several big hits throughout history, and you will for sure hear some of these as …

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