Boletini is located near the Royal Palace, the National Gallery and Hotel Europa at the Holbergs Square. The restaurant serve tapas, pizza, hamburgers, steaks, lasagne, fajitas and some other stuff, typical international food. The prices follow average Oslo prices and in this restaurant most people will find something they like. Quality is okay.

Boletini Restaurant Oslo
Holbergs plass 4
0166 Oslo

Boletini pictures

3 thoughts on “Boletini

  1. Joseph says:

    The lasagne was surprisingly good and the rest of the food was okay. We ordered a plate with different meat and so, but the portion was little and the taste was not especially good.

  2. adelina says:

    i dont know what to say first but this reasturant is really really good.don alickaj is a very sucseful bisnismen and a very perfect from adelina shabanaj.

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