Lady Gaga Oslo Oslo concert

Lady Gaga concert Oslo 2012Are you looking for tickets for the Lady Gaga concert in Oslo on December 6th in 2012? We have good news for you. Even though all tickets for the concert were sold out in a short time there are some very serious sites on the net selling tickets “second-hand” for this concert still. If you hurry up and order your ticket today you can in fact get a very good deal on tickets for the Lady Gaga concert in Oslo on December 6th. The concert venue for this event is the Telenor Arena and it will be packed, but you still have the chance to be one of the lucky people on the inside. If you want to be so, then use one of the links further down in this article and order your Lady Gaga ticket today.

Lady Gaga is one of the hottest singers in the world at the moment, and wherever she goes there is a crazy party and not only teenagers love her, but older people as well. Come check out the star herself, and enjoy December in Oslo!

Lady Gaga Oslo 2012
December 6th, 19.30
Telenor Arena

Tickets: Viagogo

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