Beyoncé concert in Oslo May 2013

Beyonce concert in Oslo

Beyonce concert in OsloIn the spring of 2013 Beyoncé will bring The Mrs. Carter Show tour to Europe and to Oslo. The concert date for the Beyonce concert in Oslo will be May 28th.

The songstress has won 16 Grammy Awards and several music and movie awards too. The Billboard magazine said, she is the most successful woman artist in the 2000s. According to the RIAA databank she sold the most albums and EPs in America in the 2000s. She has sold 11,2 million studio albums and 30,4 million EPs just in the United States. In the whole world she sold 75 million albums and maxi CDs.

She was very young when she matriculated to more dance schools, where she studied jazz and ballets too. Her family recognized her talent, when she started to sing a song, what her dance teacher trolled on the dance class. She was very shy, so her mother encouraged her to sing if she enjoys it. Her first action was a school talent show. This was the time, when she overcame her fear and decided that she want to be a popular singer. When she was seven, she sang John Lennon’s song, the Imagine on a talent show. The audience celebrated her with enormous applause, and she won the competition.

Why she has got a lot of awards and admissions? You can find out the reason on 23 May 2013 in the Telenor Arena, in Oslo. You won’t be disappointed! Have a great night!

Beyoncé concert in Oslo
Telenor Arena
May 28th

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