Oslo in December: A Winter Wonderland Awaits!

Winter in Oslo might be chilly, but it’s also a magical time filled with festive cheer and a host of delightful activities. If you’re planning a visit in December, here’s your ultimate guide to embracing the winter wonderland that is Oslo. Even though the nice activities might keep you warm, you should definitely bring your warm clothes as you travel to Norway in December.

Oslo in December – What to do?

1. Embrace the Christmas Spirit at Markets

Get Festive at Christmas Markets: Oslo in December is adorned with charming Christmas markets that pop up around the city. From traditional Norwegian handicrafts to delicious seasonal treats, these markets offer a unique cultural experience. The markets at Spikersuppa and around the Oslo City Hall are a must-visit. Feel the jolly vibes, sip on some warm gløgg (mulled wine), and pick up unique gifts for your loved ones.

christmas in oslo in december
Source. Norsk Folkemuseum (where they have a fantastic Christmas market in December)

2. Explore Winter Activities

Try Ice Skating: Lace up your skates and glide across the ice at one of Oslo’s many outdoor ice rinks. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, it’s a fun activity for all. The rinks at Spikersuppa and Frogner Stadion are popular choices and provide a delightful experience amidst the snowy landscapes.

Cross-Country Skiing or Tobogganing: Oslo’s surroundings offer excellent opportunities for winter sports. Try cross-country skiing in Nordmarka, the vast forest area accessible by the city’s metro. Alternatively, opt for tobogganing at Korketrekkeren for an exhilarating ride down the slopes.

3. Enjoy Cultural Delights

Visit Museums and Galleries: Beat the cold by diving into Oslo’s vibrant cultural scene. Warm up in the city’s museums and galleries. The Viking Ship Museum, Munch Museum, and the National Gallery are perfect spots to explore Norway’s rich history and art.

Attend Winter Performances: December in Oslo also offers a range of musical concerts, theatre performances, and ballet shows, especially around the holiday season. Check out what’s on at the Oslo Opera House or other theaters for a delightful cultural experience.

4. Indulge in Norwegian Cuisine

Savor Traditional Norwegian Dishes: Warm up with delicious Norwegian comfort food. Try classic dishes like fårikål (lamb and cabbage stew) or riskrem (a traditional rice pudding dessert). Indulge in hearty meals at local restaurants to experience authentic Norwegian flavors.

5. Witness the New Year’s Eve Spectacular

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Style: December closes with a bang in Oslo. Join the celebrations at Karl Johans Gate or head to Ekeberg for a spectacular view of the fireworks lighting up the city skyline. Join in the lively atmosphere as locals and visitors welcome the new year with excitement and joy.

Are you ready to visit Oslo in December?

December in Oslo is a unique and delightful experience, offering a blend of festive celebrations, cultural indulgences, and exciting outdoor activities. Embrace the wintry magic, create unforgettable memories, and savor the charm of this Scandinavian gem as it sparkles under a blanket of snow. Oslo in December is an experience not to be missed!