Lindsey Stirling concert Oslo 2013

Lindsey Stirling Oslo concertLindsey Stirling’s name is not familiar for everyone, but this unbelievably talented young lady has great facilities to become a real superstar. Lindsey’s first éclat was in 2010 when she was a competitor of the America’s Got Talent show. In this show she got a nickname, the “hip-hop violinist”. But this wasn’t her first try in the pop profession. She opened her own YouTube channel in 2007 on the name Lindseystomp, she shares her newest songs and video clips on this forum.

Lindsey was born in 1986 in California, but she grew up in Arizona. She has played on violin since her age 5, so we can say she has pretty big experience in this classical instrument. Besides, she makes amazing adaptations with her violin, she participates with other artists and of course she has own songs too. And what makes her special, besides her beautiful music? Her charming look fascinates everybody, and moreover she spices her music with fantastic dance moves on her videos and concerts.

If we had your attention now about Lindsey Stirling’s work, then here is the great occasion to see your new favorite live. The American musician will come to Europe this summer to show what she can do. The concert stations surely include the capital of Norway, Oslo too. Do not miss Lindsey Stirling’s concert at 27 June 2013 in the Torggata 16, Oslo. Have fun for it!

Lindsey Stirling concert
June 27th
Torggata 16 / Rockefeller

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Green Day Oslo 2013

Green Day concert in Oslo
Green Day concert in Oslo

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool will be visiting Oslo in 2013. So far only very few cities are on the privileged list of cities which will be visited by Green Day in 2013, but Oslo is one of them, so if you want to see this American Punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock band play live in Oslo, you better prepare, order your flight tickets, book your hotel and of course buy your Green Day tickets as soon as possible.

The Green Day concert in Oslo will be arranged at Ullevall stadium on June 30th in 2013, making this one of the hottest and coolest events of the year in the Norwegian capital. Hopefully the weather will be nice as well, though the risk of rain is always there when something is arranged in Oslo and wherever you go in Norway.

Green Day has been an active band since 1987, and they have had lots of top hits. Currently they also have the American Idiot musical on stage, where you can get to know the band and their music even better. But, if you want to be there at a real Green Day 100% concert, then you need to check out this concert in Oslo, or maybe the Green Day concert in London which will be arranged at the Emirates Stadium on June 1st in 2013.

Green Day has sold more than 65 million records worldwide, and in USA alone they have sold 25 million records. An amazing statistic, and telling something about their popularity. Hopefully they will play their biggest hits as they come to Oslo, so that their fans will get to hear American Idiot, Basket Case, Time of Your life and lots of other popular songs.

A new album is on the way, or a kind of a trilogy, name Uno!, Dos!, Tre!, which will be released at three different times, so if you want to be prepared for the concert in Oslo, you better get hold of all their new releases as well, because they will for sure feature lots of these songs on the Oslo concert.

For tickets to the concert in Oslo, or maybe the one in London, check out the links further down.

Green Day Oslo 2013

Ulleval Stadium
June 30th, 2013

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