Justin Bieber concerts in Oslo 2016

Justin Bieber Oslo 2016Want to buy tickets for the Justin Bieber Oslo concerts in 2016? It can still be done. Want to be there as Justin Bieber perform in Telenor Arena in September? Go ahead and buy your tickets today!

The people of Norway have a special relationship to Justin Bieber, especially after he ran of the stage and left a concert in the autumn of 2015. Maybe he feels sorry about this now and that is why he decided to do two concerts in Norway in September 2016. He will do a big tour in 2016 and during his tour he will visit London, Birmingham, Dublin, Antwerpen, Zagreb, Krakow, Prague, Zurich and quite a lot of other cities. If you want to buy tickets for one of these concerts then there is a site where you can buy tickets for the Justin Bieber concerts in Oslo and all the other Justin Bieber concerts and that is Viagogo .

On that page you will probably see that it is quite a lot cheaper to buy tickets to one of the Justin Bieber concerts in Krakow instead, but if you insist on watching him in Oslo, then go ahead.

If you want to warm up for the Justin Bieber concerts in Oslo then you should watch the Justin Bieber film named Believe on Amazon.com letting you now the artist much better. If you have problems watching it then these instructions will help you watch Amazon Instant Videos online in an easy way.

We hope you will enjoy the Justin Bieber concert in Oslo and that you will have a good time discovering the beautiful attractions the city of Oslo has to offer. They might not be as impressing as the attractions you can see in cities such as Paris and London, but if you get a hold of the special atmosphere and beauty of Oslo we are sure that you will fall in love with the city.

The Justin Bieber concerts in Oslo will be arranged on September 23rd and September 24th.

Justin Bieber Oslo 2013

Justin Bieber concert in Oslo 2013Justin Bieber visited Oslo not long ago for a free concert in front of the State Opera. It was packed with screaming girls and it was totally crowded. Now we are happy to announce that Justin Bieber will come back to Oslo in 2013 to perform twice in the Telenor Arena, which we can guarantee will be packed both nights for the Justin Bieber concerts.

If you would like to be there at any, or maybe both of these evenings, you will for sure have problems grabbing hold of the official tickets, as they for sure will be sold out within 5-10 minutes. But, there are sites on the net selling second hand tickets, totally legal and safe, and you can buy tickets for the Justin Bieber tickets from these. You can find links to two such sites further down in this text.

Justin Bieber is probably the number one teenager star in the world today, and since his first single in 2009 he has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. His career started with adding some private videos to YouTube, and now some years later he has turned into a millionaire and a super star. What a dream coming true. Maybe you do not dream of turning into a star like Justin Bieber, but maybe the dream is just being there at one of the evenings in Telenor Arena. Your dream might come true in 2013, but you better hurry up and order your tickets as soon as possible!

Justin Bieber Oslo 2013

Telenor Arena
April 16th and 17th

Tickets: Seatwave.com – WorldTicketShop

If you want to listen to Justin Bieber on some more exotic locations in 2013, why not visit Barcelona or Arnhem instead?