AC/DC Oslo 2010

AC/DC Oslo May 2010
AC/DC Oslo May 2010

The AC/DC concert in Oslo May 30th will for sure be the event of the year in Oslo. The tickets are expected to be sold out within less then an hour so it will for sure be a packed Valle Hovin as AC/DC enters the stage late May 2010. The AC/DC concert is suppose to start at 17.00 and if you do not manage to grab hold of tickets from the official site we recommend that you use the link below to visit WorldTicketShop, from where you can grab hold of tickets to the concert still. The AC/DC tickets are a bit more expensive than from the official site, but if you have to choose between not being at the AC/DC concert (because you could not get hold of tickets) or expensive tickets, I guess many will choose the latter option.

AC/DC Oslo May 2010
Valle Hovin
May 30, 2010 – 17.00

Tickes: WorldTicketShop

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