Norwegian Wood Rock Festival in 2015

Norwegian Wood Rock Festival in 2015The Norwegian Wood Rock Festival will be back in town again in 2015. The Norwegian Wood Rock Festival is one of the largest rock festivals in Norway which was first held in 1992 and it quickly became one of the most popular events in Oslo.

Each year the festival features the best international and Norwegian bands and also gives chance to the up-and-coming Norwegian bands to play for the audience of the festival. Since the very first time the most famous and known bands and musicians take part in the festival including Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Foo Fighters, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Eagles, Roger Waters and Lou Reed who all played at the Norwegian Wood Rock Festival. This year the visitors can enjoy the concerts of Mark Knopfler, TBA, Patti Smith / Tori Amos and Jackson Browne / Calexio. So if you want to take part in a huge party then this is a perfect opportunity for you. The Norwegian Wood Rock Festival will take place in Frognerbadet in Oslo, Norway.

The festival will be held from 6th June 2015 to 13th June 2015. Tickets for the festival are already available.

Norwegian Wood Rock Festival
0260 Oslo, Norway

For more information on the festival please check the official site.

Top events in Oslo in 2015

In this article we will present the best programs in Oslo in 2015. Oslo is the capital and also the largest and most populous city of Norway.
Oslo 2015
Although Oslo is might not be the most popular cities in Europe but it still has plenty of things to check out and countless programs such as the various festivals, concerts and events during the whole year. So in this article we will give some tips on what to do on a visit in Oslo in 2015.

One of the biggest events in Oslo is the ‘Oslo Church Music Festival’ which is a 10 days long event. At the festival visitors can experience a wide range of musical performances of the different churches and cathedrals. This year the ‘Oslo Church Music Festival’ will be held from 6th March to 15th March.

Another popular event in the life of the city is the ‘Nordic World Cup Skiing’ the ski competition which takes place at the famous tourist destination at the Holmenkollen ski jump. The tickets sell out really quickly so if if you want to go it is better to book as soon as possible. This year the ‘Nordic World Cup Skiing’ will be held from 13th March to 15th March 2015.

The annual national holiday of Norway the ‘Nasjonaldagen’ is one of the highlights of the year in the life of Norway. The main event is to walk to The Royal Palace to check the royal family waving from the balcony. This takes place on May 17th!

One of the biggest music festival in Oslo the Norwegian Wood Rock Festival which will take place from 11th June to 13th June in 2015 in the Frogner Park. This is an annual rock event in the city and it attracts thousands of people every year.

In the end of November in the city the Christmas markets will open their gates again which are usually open until the end of December or the beginning of January. The dates of the markets are not confirmed yet. Apart from the markets and festivals and different events in the city Oslo also hosts some of the best concerts during 2015.

In 2015 visitors can enjoy the concerts of the biggest musicians such as Slipknot, Ryan Adams, Nicki Minaj, Sting, Katy Perry, Bryan Adams, Ariana Grande, Toto, Marilyn Manson, Foo Fighters, George Ezra, One Direction, AC/DC, Calvin Harris and so on.

If you want to know more on the various programs and activities in the city such as the concerts, festivals, exhibitions and so on read on here in our Oslo Guide for more information!