The most romantic places in Oslo

Oslo might not be the most popular city in Europe but it does not mean that it does not have nice places to visit. So in this short article we will list some of the nicest and most romantic places you and your loved one can visit during a visit in Oslo.
Romantic Oslo

Our favourite place from our list is the Oslomarka forest. If you love spending time outside in the nature, hiking or skiing in the winter then the perfect place to visit in Oslo is the Oslomarka forest.

Our next favourite is the popular and famous Frogner Park. The Frogner Park gives home to the statues of the sculpture Gustav Vigeland. The park gives home to 212 bronze and granite nudes. The Frogner Park is one of the most lively park in Oslo which is open 24/7 all year.

If you like nature, colourful flowers and various plants then the perfect place to go is the Botanical Gardens of Oslo. The Botanical Gardens opened in 1814 and still one of the most visited places in the city. The Botanical Gardens has separate gardens and even a green house for tropical plants. It is open every day from 7 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon.

Our last place from our list is The International Museum of Children. At the museum kids from over 180 countries created various paintings, drawings and sculptures. The museum is the first one of its kind.

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Christmas presents to buy in Oslo

Christmas present OsloWhat presents can you buy in Oslo during a visit and what is the perfect gift you can get in the capital of Norway?

In this article we will list some of the best gift ideas you can get in Oslo. Oslo might not be the most popular European cities but it sure has some nice shops where you can buy some typical or less typical Christmas presents and as an extra in the city around Christmas the Christmas markets appears as well.

At the Christmas market you can get the usual market goodies such as the handmade knitted scarfs, hats gloves which are really useful and practical in the winter but you can also get different toys for children, wooden accessories for the kitchen, various and colourful lamps in different sizes, leather bags, steel and glass works, candles, blankets, Christmas decorations and so on.

If you would prefer buying your presents at a store instead then you must visit the Julehuset (Fritjof Nansens plass 6) which specialised in Christmas gifts. The Julehuset is a Christmas shop where you can get all the traditional and most special Christmas gifts to your loved ones. The shop sells all kind of Christmas decorations, baubles, Christmas tree stands, angels, puppets, napkins, blankets and so on. At Julehuset you can find all the items to make a traditional Norwegian Christmas.

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Top four attractions with children in Oslo

The capital of Norway, Oslo has plenty of attractions and programs to offer for the tourist during a holiday and Norway also has beautiful landscapes and nature. Apart from this it has great cities and the capital of Norway had a wide range of programs to choose from. In this article we will list the top four attractions in Oslo with children.

International Museum of Children’s Art

International Museum of Children’s Art is a lovely museum with a wide collections of various children’s arts from 180 countries. The museum has all kind of textiles, paintings, drawings, sculptures and so on. The museum collects various children’s art works and the museum promotes and prevents the children’s art work worldwide. The Children’s Art museum is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 9.30 to 14.00 and from Saturday to Sunday it is open from 11.00 to 16.00.

International Museum of Children’s Art
Lille Frøens vei 4
0371 Oslo

Childrens Art

Norwegian Museum of Magic

Norwegian Museum of Magic is a museum located in Oslo. The museum focuses on the Norwegian magicians and their work and history. At the museum visitors have the chance to experience magic in a new way and discover more on the life of the Norwegian magicians. The museum sell all kind of various books and magic equipments as well and there are also magic shows on Sundays at 2pm. The museum is open only on Sundays from 13.00 until 16.00.

Norwegian Museum of Magic
Munkedamsveien 65 B, 3 etg.
0270 Oslo

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum is also located in Oslo. The museum includes multiple museums the Botanical Garden, greenhouse, Zoological Museum which shows animals from all around the world and the Mineralogical-Geological Museum which also includes the Paleontological Museum and the only dinosaur museum in Norway as well. The entrance to the Botanical Garden is for free for all the visitors. The museums and the greenhouse are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 16.00.

Natural History Museum
Sars’ gate/Monrads gate, Tøyen
0562 Oslo

Natural History

The Film Museum

The Film Museum is also based in Oslo. At the museum you can explore the history of the film making in Norway through different samples and original instruments and there are also archive films and Norwegian short films presented to the visitors. The museum also has a film shop with different imported films, classics and Norwegian movies as well. The museum is open from Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 17.00 and on Saturday it is open 12.00 to 17.00, on Sunday it is open from 13.00 to 21.00.

Film Museum
Dronningens gate 16
0152 Oslo

Filmmuseum Oslo
Filmmuseum Oslo

These are four great attractions for children. There are of course activities as well very well suitable for families with children, including a visit to Tusenfryd and so on, but that will come in a future article sometime!