Christmas presents to buy in Oslo

Christmas present Oslo

Christmas present OsloWhat presents can you buy in Oslo during a visit and what is the perfect gift you can get in the capital of Norway?

In this article we will list some of the best gift ideas you can get in Oslo. Oslo might not be the most popular European cities but it sure has some nice shops where you can buy some typical or less typical Christmas presents and as an extra in the city around Christmas the Christmas markets appears as well.

At the Christmas market you can get the usual market goodies such as the handmade knitted scarfs, hats gloves which are really useful and practical in the winter but you can also get different toys for children, wooden accessories for the kitchen, various and colourful lamps in different sizes, leather bags, steel and glass works, candles, blankets, Christmas decorations and so on.

If you would prefer buying your presents at a store instead then you must visit the Julehuset (Fritjof Nansens plass 6) which specialised in Christmas gifts. The Julehuset is a Christmas shop where you can get all the traditional and most special Christmas gifts to your loved ones. The shop sells all kind of Christmas decorations, baubles, Christmas tree stands, angels, puppets, napkins, blankets and so on. At Julehuset you can find all the items to make a traditional Norwegian Christmas.

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