Edward Munch exhibition

Through nature

The exhibition Through Nature is about Edward Munch’s art work which will be displayed at Munch Museet in Oslo, Norway.

Through nature

The exhibition will show Edward Munch and his art work from a new perspective how it has never seen before. Visitors will have the chance to discover more of the thoughts and meanings behind the paintings and the exhibition will reveal all the secrets and answer all the questions. Edward Munch was a Norwegian painter and printmaker who had a huge impact on the German Expressionism in the early 20th century. He is definitely one of the most outstanding painters of the 20th century. His most well known and famous painting is The Scream which he painted in 1893. At the exhibition visitors will see a wide range of artworks from the painter and the exhibition puts Munch art in a context with natural and historical objects. The museum works in collaboration with the Natural History Museum which lent some objects from its botanical collection for the museum. The Through Nature exhibition will be held in Munch Museet in the heart of Oslo from 26th April 2014 until 4th January 2015.

For more information on the museum and the exhibition check the following site. Information about other Oslo events can be found here.

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