Local Speciality: Icebar in Oslo

Icebar Oslo
Icebar Oslo
Icebar Oslo

Ice bar Oslo is the only permanent bar in Norway made entirely of ice and kept at minus 5 degrees at all time. Everything inside is made out of crystal clear ice taking from the frozen Torne River Northern Sweden.

Tickets are available from 45 minutes. If you buy one, you will also got gloves, a designer thermal cape to keep you warm and also a personal glass which is for order one cocktail. And how to book tickets? You can buy one on the spot but it is advisable to book them in advance, principally for larger groups. The place has a capacity only for 60 people so this is another reason for early booking, mainly for weekends. Icebar Oslo is a great experience for all ages however it is interesting that from 21:00 pm they have an age limit of 20 years. What does this mean? Of course party.

And if we are talking now about parties let see what events can be found or organized there. It is an ideal place for small gatherings as well as for private parties or we can rate there some company events as well. (extreme element of the party could be a company logo captured in blocks of ice). For big conferences, Ice Bar offers a new opportunity in their hot lounge. They can serve groups from 10 to 250 people with dinner and different local specialties, on the other hand they are closely working together with Thon Hotels which is in the neighborhood so you can combine meetings in the Icebar and accommodation in the hotel.

Finally some word about the menu: it contains special designed drinks. Monica Berg, the eminent bar manager and one of Norway’s best bartenders drew up an interesting challenge for all the workers working there. The Icebar is in the cold environment so reduces tastes. They are working hard to reach the widest possible taste spectrum. All of the drinks have name inspired by the actual year’s theme, this year: Nautilus.

If you are in Oslo you must try this special place and taste the real coldness of winter with the help of the interesting atmosphere and extraordinary drinks, so for sure, you will go home with an incredible experience and probably, next time you will not entering “only for 45 minutes”.

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