Norway vs. Serbia – Euro 2020 qualification

On March 26th, it will be time for Norway to play against Serbia in the semi-final for the Euro 2020 qualification playoff. The Norwegians are small favorites in front of the match, but they are well prepared, knowing that Mitrovic and the rest of the Serbian squad will fight for their lives to win the match as well!

Before the European Championship in 2016, Norway had to play a play-off match against Hungary. Everyone rejoiced at the opponent and believed it to be the easiest way of getting to the European Championship. They were wrong! After losing against Hungary, first in Oslo, and a few days later in Budapest, the case was closed, and Hungary went to the European Championship were they did surprisingly well (at least during the group stage).

Once again, Norway has to qualify for the European Championship through a play-off round, but this time they will start against Serbia on March 26th. If they win that match, they will play against the winner of Israel and Scotland on March 31st.

The Euro 2020 play-off matches in Norway

If Norway manage to win the play-off matches, then they will qualify for the European Championship and play in a group together with Croatia, England, and the Czech Republic. It is a tough group, but not at all an impossible group.

If Norway beat Serbia on March 26th…

If Norway can manage to beat Serbia on March 26th, the final against the winner of Scotland and Israel will be played in Norway as well. That is great news for the Norwegian players because playing in front of a home crowd is always an advantage.

How to watch Norway vs. Serbia online?

We don’t know so much yet about how and where you can stream this match online. You can, for sure, stream it on a streaming service such as Fubo TV in the United States, but besides that, there will be a pay-TV channel in Norway showing the match, and the same is true about the rest of Europe.

But, what about the European Championship itself?

We don’t know so much yet about who will broadcast the European Championship, but you can see a full list of Euro 2020 broadcasters right here. There you can also find information on how to stream the event on the Internet and so much more!

We will cheer for Norway on March 26th and hopefully also on March 31st. And then, who knows, maybe they will be there in the European Championship this summer between June 12th and July 12th, ready to fight with the best nations in Europe for the trophy?

The match against Serbia will be played at Ullevål stadium, the main stadium in Norway. It is located in the city of Oslo, and you can easily get there using public transportation in the Norwegian capital.

Chlamydia in Norway and John Oliver

Are you coming to Norway in the coming weeks or months? You might see some ads telling you to use condoms and to watch out for chlamydia!

chlamydia in norway at John Oliver

Norway is famous for its beautiful nature, midnight sun, Northern Lights, tree churches, and now also for its chlamydia. For some reason, Norway has one of the highest chlamydia rates in Europe, and now the Norwegian government wants to put an end to that. They are using lots of money on advertising, and so does 7-Eleven, a big kiosk brand in Norway.

But, now Norway has become famous for this, also outside the borders of the country. On Sunday the stand-up comedian John Oliver used 4 minutes of his show to make fun of the Norwegian culture, and of course the chlamydia ads. Take a look at the entire video beneath.

The problem is a real one, so we are not going to laugh at that. But, this little video of John Oliver is simply amazing, and it will for sure give you a good laugh.

Have fun watching, enjoy your stay in Norway, and take care of yourself!

Pay with Bitcoin in Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and Norway is a country in love with modern technology. But, where can you pay with Bitcoin in this high-tech city?

You might think that Norway is extremely up to date and modern, meaning that you will be able to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies all around Oslo. You couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are looking for cafes, stores, and shops where you can spend your Bitcoin in Oslo, you do not even need a hand to count. It is enough to have a couple of fingers!

Where can I pay with Bitcoin in Oslo?
Where can I pay with Bitcoin in Oslo?

You will find a couple of online stores in Norway that will let you pay with Bitcoin and other digital currencies, but if you are looking for an actual shop, where you can buy an actual product, and pay with actual Bitcoin as you are there, then that is very limited. We will try to keep this list up to date, so if you know of new places accepting cryptocurrency payments in Oslo, please write a comment to let us know about them.

Accepting Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies in Oslo

The Kasbah –
This is a middle-east inspired cafe in Oslo which will let you pay your bill with Bitcoin. The place is well known as a base for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts in Oslo!

Aktivisten –
A place somewhat similar to The Kasbah. This is a place known for its strong opinions, counterculture, anti-racism and other nice values!

Tacopop –
Want to eat a fresh and tasty taco, and pay your bill with Bitcoin or Litecoin? Here you can do so!

Bitcoin in Oslo

Why so few places accept Bitcoin in Oslo?

You might wonder why so few restaurants, cafes, and stores accept Bitcoin in Oslo? There are a couple of reasons.

  • It is much harder to deal with taxes if payments are done with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • Most people own Bitcoin to keep them, not to spend them, and therefore, few people are really interested in paying their bills with Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin has slow transactions and high transaction fees, which makes it almost useless for payments in normal daily life. Luckily there are other cryptocurrencies much more capable of dealing with daily purchases, but they are not that well known yet.

Do you know of more places accepting Bitcoin in Oslo?

Do you own a place that accepts cryptocurrencies in Oslo? Do you know a place in which you can pay with cryptocurrencies? Write a comment and let us know, and we will include the place in this article!

Ski competitions in Holmenkollen this weeken

The annual weekend with ski races and biathlon in Holmenkollen has arrived, and if you are planning to be there, you have something to look forward to.

The best biathlon racers in the world will compete this weekend in Oslo, and there is little doubt about how everyone expect Martin Fourcade to win one more (or two more races) this weekend. He has been alone on the throne so far this season, and maybe the Norwegians are especially sad about their own performance this season. But, maybe they can make some changes and win a race as the season closes in towards an end?

If you visit Holmenkollen this weekend you will be able to enjoy the fun and cheer for whoever you want to. If you can not go, then you can also follow the entire event online. In the IP Address Guide you will find instructions telling you how to stream the Norwegian TV channel NRK online from outside Norway, and since this channel will
broadcast all the fun live from Holmenkollen, it is by far the best way to stream the events online.

For more information about other stuff happening in Oslo, read on here in our Oslo Guide, where you also can read more about the most famous attractions, activities and programs in town.

With train from Bergen to Oslo

Would you like to travel with train from Bergen to Oslo? That can easily be done. You can find time schedules and buy your tickets online on

And, if you want to get the tickets at a cheaper cost make sure to buy them early, because you might get the entire ride for less than 30 USD / 30 Euro. But, if you want to take the ride between Bergen and Oslo even cheaper, then you should consider making the trip as you watch it online on Netflix. Recently a film showing the train ride from Bergen to Oslo was published on UK Netflix, meaning that you can follow the entire train ride on slow TV.

If you do not understand Norwegian you might have trouble understanding all the facts presented throughout the film, but you will still be able to enjoy the beautiful ride, the fantastic landscape, lakes, snow and so much more.

There are lots of things to see in Bergen, and even if you are currently reading an article in our Oslo Guide, it must be said that Bergen is a beautiful city. Some people would say that it is much nicer than Oslo, and seen from some perspectives it truly is.

Have a wonderful time traveling with train from Bergen to Oslo. If you have a comment or a question, use the field beneath.

Oslo hotels spring 2013

Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but you will be surprised to find out that hotels are not necessarily expensive in the city. The ideal hotel location is in the area near the Karl Johans avenue.

We have looked up some great hotels in central Oslo for you. These hotels have good location near Karl Johans avenue or near the central station in Oslo. The prices are fairly good, so if you book a room in one of these hotels you should end up at a good location with good prices. Good luck and enjoy your holiday and stay in Oslo!

Recommended spring hotels in Oslo 2013
Radisson Blue
Hotel Continental
Thos Hotel Europa

Oslo Spring hotels

Local Speciality: Icebar in Oslo

Icebar Oslo
Icebar Oslo

Ice bar Oslo is the only permanent bar in Norway made entirely of ice and kept at minus 5 degrees at all time. Everything inside is made out of crystal clear ice taking from the frozen Torne River Northern Sweden.

Tickets are available from 45 minutes. If you buy one, you will also got gloves, a designer thermal cape to keep you warm and also a personal glass which is for order one cocktail. And how to book tickets? You can buy one on the spot but it is advisable to book them in advance, principally for larger groups. The place has a capacity only for 60 people so this is another reason for early booking, mainly for weekends. Icebar Oslo is a great experience for all ages however it is interesting that from 21:00 pm they have an age limit of 20 years. What does this mean? Of course party.

And if we are talking now about parties let see what events can be found or organized there. It is an ideal place for small gatherings as well as for private parties or we can rate there some company events as well. (extreme element of the party could be a company logo captured in blocks of ice). For big conferences, Ice Bar offers a new opportunity in their hot lounge. They can serve groups from 10 to 250 people with dinner and different local specialties, on the other hand they are closely working together with Thon Hotels which is in the neighborhood so you can combine meetings in the Icebar and accommodation in the hotel.

Finally some word about the menu: it contains special designed drinks. Monica Berg, the eminent bar manager and one of Norway’s best bartenders drew up an interesting challenge for all the workers working there. The Icebar is in the cold environment so reduces tastes. They are working hard to reach the widest possible taste spectrum. All of the drinks have name inspired by the actual year’s theme, this year: Nautilus.

If you are in Oslo you must try this special place and taste the real coldness of winter with the help of the interesting atmosphere and extraordinary drinks, so for sure, you will go home with an incredible experience and probably, next time you will not entering “only for 45 minutes”.