Chlamydia in Norway and John Oliver

Are you coming to Norway in the coming weeks or months? You might see some ads telling you to use condoms and to watch out for chlamydia!

chlamydia in norway at John Oliver

Norway is famous for its beautiful nature, midnight sun, Northern Lights, tree churches, and now also for its chlamydia. For some reason, Norway has one of the highest chlamydia rates in Europe, and now the Norwegian government wants to put an end to that. They are using lots of money on advertising, and so does 7-Eleven, a big kiosk brand in Norway.

But, now Norway has become famous for this, also outside the borders of the country. On Sunday the stand-up comedian John Oliver used 4 minutes of his show to make fun of the Norwegian culture, and of course the chlamydia ads. Take a look at the entire video beneath.

The problem is a real one, so we are not going to laugh at that. But, this little video of John Oliver is simply amazing, and it will for sure give you a good laugh.

Have fun watching, enjoy your stay in Norway, and take care of yourself!