Norway vs. Serbia – Euro 2020 qualification

On March 26th, it will be time for Norway to play against Serbia in the semi-final for the Euro 2020 qualification playoff. The Norwegians are small favorites in front of the match, but they are well prepared, knowing that Mitrovic and the rest of the Serbian squad will fight for their lives to win the match as well!

Before the European Championship in 2016, Norway had to play a play-off match against Hungary. Everyone rejoiced at the opponent and believed it to be the easiest way of getting to the European Championship. They were wrong! After losing against Hungary, first in Oslo, and a few days later in Budapest, the case was closed, and Hungary went to the European Championship were they did surprisingly well (at least during the group stage).

Once again, Norway has to qualify for the European Championship through a play-off round, but this time they will start against Serbia on March 26th. If they win that match, they will play against the winner of Israel and Scotland on March 31st.

The Euro 2020 play-off matches in Norway

If Norway manage to win the play-off matches, then they will qualify for the European Championship and play in a group together with Croatia, England, and the Czech Republic. It is a tough group, but not at all an impossible group.

If Norway beat Serbia on March 26th…

If Norway can manage to beat Serbia on March 26th, the final against the winner of Scotland and Israel will be played in Norway as well. That is great news for the Norwegian players because playing in front of a home crowd is always an advantage.

How to watch Norway vs. Serbia online?

We don’t know so much yet about how and where you can stream this match online. You can, for sure, stream it on a streaming service such as Fubo TV in the United States, but besides that, there will be a pay-TV channel in Norway showing the match, and the same is true about the rest of Europe.

But, what about the European Championship itself?

We don’t know so much yet about who will broadcast the European Championship, but you can see a full list of Euro 2020 broadcasters right here. There you can also find information on how to stream the event on the Internet and so much more!

We will cheer for Norway on March 26th and hopefully also on March 31st. And then, who knows, maybe they will be there in the European Championship this summer between June 12th and July 12th, ready to fight with the best nations in Europe for the trophy?

The match against Serbia will be played at Ullevål stadium, the main stadium in Norway. It is located in the city of Oslo, and you can easily get there using public transportation in the Norwegian capital.

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