Pay with Bitcoin in Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and Norway is a country in love with modern technology. But, where can you pay with Bitcoin in this high-tech city?

You might think that Norway is extremely up to date and modern, meaning that you will be able to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies all around Oslo. You couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are looking for cafes, stores, and shops where you can spend your Bitcoin in Oslo, you do not even need a hand to count. It is enough to have a couple of fingers!

Where can I pay with Bitcoin in Oslo?
Where can I pay with Bitcoin in Oslo?

You will find a couple of online stores in Norway that will let you pay with Bitcoin and other digital currencies, but if you are looking for an actual shop, where you can buy an actual product, and pay with actual Bitcoin as you are there, then that is very limited. We will try to keep this list up to date, so if you know of new places accepting cryptocurrency payments in Oslo, please write a comment to let us know about them.

Accepting Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies in Oslo

The Kasbah –
This is a middle-east inspired cafe in Oslo which will let you pay your bill with Bitcoin. The place is well known as a base for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts in Oslo!

Aktivisten –
A place somewhat similar to The Kasbah. This is a place known for its strong opinions, counterculture, anti-racism and other nice values!

Tacopop –
Want to eat a fresh and tasty taco, and pay your bill with Bitcoin or Litecoin? Here you can do so!

Bitcoin in Oslo

Why so few places accept Bitcoin in Oslo?

You might wonder why so few restaurants, cafes, and stores accept Bitcoin in Oslo? There are a couple of reasons.

  • It is much harder to deal with taxes if payments are done with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • Most people own Bitcoin to keep them, not to spend them, and therefore, few people are really interested in paying their bills with Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin has slow transactions and high transaction fees, which makes it almost useless for payments in normal daily life. Luckily there are other cryptocurrencies much more capable of dealing with daily purchases, but they are not that well known yet.

Do you know of more places accepting Bitcoin in Oslo?

Do you own a place that accepts cryptocurrencies in Oslo? Do you know a place in which you can pay with cryptocurrencies? Write a comment and let us know, and we will include the place in this article!