Muse Oslo 2013

Spring is here and summer is almost. The period of great programs and unforgettable programs starts in every point of the world. And however in the capital of Norway, in Oslo the weather is not as worm as in a Mediterranean country, but the mood get higher and higher, because here there will be guaranteed fantastic concerts too. If you continue reading this article, you can know more details about one of the most popular British band, the Muse’s concert in Oslo.

I am sure you have heard about the Muse. The band formed in 1994 in England, Devon County. The members are Matthew Bellamy, who sings and guitars in the band, Christopher Wolstenholme, who vocals, bass guitars and rhymes guitars and Dominic Howard who plays on drums. All the three guys are from the little town in Devon County, Teignmouth. However it was hard to broke out from this village, it totally worth the effort, because today they are a very important part of the modern rock music.

Their newest album, The 2nd Law was released in 2012. After that the band naturally goes to a tour, but not on the usual way. They organized a gigantic worldwide concert tour between September 2012 and September 2013, and they goes around the whole world twice!

The second European round’s one station it the Norway capital, Oslo at 24 July 2013 in the famous Ullevaal Stadium. Do not miss the Muse’s concert in the middle of this summer, because it will be fantastic! Have fun for it!

Muse Oslo 2013

July 24th, 2013
Ulleval Stadium

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Muse Oslo 2013

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