Nicki Minaj Oslo 2012

Nicki Minaj Oslo

Nicki Minaj OsloA great concert is on the list of upcoming concerts in 2012. This concert we are speaking and writing about is the Nicki Minaj concert which will be arranged in Oslo Spektrum. This concert will be arranged on June 9th, and it will start around 20.00 in the evening. Nicki Minaj, this singer from Trinidad and Tobago, will for sure fill Oslo Spektrum with 8000 people, making the venue packed and creating an amazing concert atmosphere.

This concert is a part of the tour celebrating the release of the new Nicki Minaj cd to be released in a couple of days, in April 2012. The first CD was named Pink Friday, and now Pink Friday is taken to a more romantic level with the new CD to be released. You will for sure be able to hear the best and most famous songs from Nicki Minaj on this Oslo concert, so if you are interested, do not miss out on this event.

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Nicki Minaj Oslo 2012
June 9th, 20.00
Oslo Spektrum

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