Bryan Adams Oslo 2024

The Canadian superstar Bryan Adams is coming to Oslo very soon! He is finishing his tour in the United States in March 2024, and after that, he will head towards Europe where he will have concerts in lots of cities, including Oslo. But, before Bryan Adams comes to Oslo, he will have two concerts in Sweden, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg.

The date for the Bryan Adams concert in Oslo is April 29. The concert is arranged in Oslo Spektrum, making it smooth for people who come by train, as the concert venue is very close to the central station in Oslo (Oslo S). If you come by plane to Gardermoen, all you need is to get on a train and travel to the central station in Oslo, and within less than 30 minutes, you can be in the concert venue.

Bryan Adams has been to Oslo and Norway several times, and he has loads of fans in Norway. He had his big breakthrough after he released the album “Reckless” in 1984. This album contains his most popular song “Summer of ’69.” There you can also find another popular song named “Run to You.” I own the record myself and consider myself to be a Bryan Adams fan, but I have never really liked “Run to You”, but at least I always turn up the volume on the radio as “Summer of ’69” starts!

Would you like to be there in Oslo Spektrum on April 29? You can use the link below to buy tickets for the concert.

Bryan Adams concert in Oslo 2024

  • Date: April 29, 2024
  • Location: Oslo Spektrum
  • Tickets: Viagogo (a marketplace for all sorts of concert tickets)

Viagogo isn’t the official place to buy tickets. You should try with popular ticket offices such as Ticketmaster to buy tickets first. But, if all the tickets are gone, but you still want to be there, buy tickets directly from others at Viagogo, the most popular secondary marketplace for tickets online.

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Are there any other cool concerts in Oslo in 2024?

Besides Bryan Adams, there are lots of other famous singers coming to Oslo in 2024. If you are a fan, then the “30 Seconds to Mars” and the Olivia Rodrigo concerts in May will be big highlights. If you’d rather listen to classical music, then you might want to buy a ticket for the Andre Rieu concert in June instead.

André Rieu Oslo 2024

André Rieu has been to Oslo several times, but it will for sure be a highlight in 2024 as the 75 year old Dutchman who was born in Maastricht in 1949 comes to the Norwegian capital. The venue for the event is the popular Oslo Spektrum, which means it is extremely easy to find if you arrive to Oslo by train and leave the train at Oslo Central Station. As a result, you can easily arrive by plane to Gardermoen and jump on a train, and find yourself at the concert venue less than an hour after your flight landed (if you don’t have to wait for your luggage).

André Rieu will visit several European cities in 2024, but Oslo is the only city in Norway that will host a concert with André Rieu. If you want to be there at this event or some other André Rieu concert in 2024, buy your ticket at the largest marketplace for tickets online.

It would have been nice to listen to André Rieu in the beautiful opera house in Oslo, but since the capacity of the venue is too little, it had to be Oslo Spektrum. But, if you come as a tourist to Oslo, do not forget to visit the Opera house, to walk in the Vigelandspark, and to check the magnificent paintings from Edward Munch in the Munch museum.

André Rieu Oslo 2024

  • Date: June 15, 2024
  • Location: Oslo Spektrum
  • Ticket: Viagogo (the biggest marketplace for concert tickets online)

If you want to read more about other concerts, festivals, events, and happenings in Oslo, look at our Oslo calendar. Would you rather listen to André Rieu later in the autumn, but in a location warmer than Oslo? You should consider traveling to Lisbon where André Rieu will perform three times between October 31 and November 2.

30 Seconds to Mars concert in Oslo

30 Seconds to Mars is a very popular band and it will travel across all of Europe in 2024. It will start the month of May in Stockholm, followed by a concert in Oslo Spektrum in Oslo, before it travels to Denmark and the city of Frederiksberg. After these concerts, the band will travel to central Europe where it will visit cities such as Krakow, Bratislava, Budapest, Wien, München, and many other cities.

The concert in Oslo is arranged in the popular concert venue Oslo Spektrum. The venue has space for nearly 10,000 spectators, so it is going to be crowded and a fantastic atmosphere as Jared Leto and his brother enter the stage on May 2.

30 Seconds to Mars concert in Oslo 2024

Date: May 2
Location: Oslo Spektrum

Tickets: Are all tickets sold out from the official sources? It is possible to buy tickets online from others directly using the popular marketplace Viagogo.

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Deep Purple Oslo 2017

On November 9th Deep Purple will enter the stage in Oslo Spektrum. This will be one of the highlights in the Norwegian capital this autumn, and there are still tickets to find for the event.

The Deep Purple tour will start in Romania in May 2017, following the release of their new album Infinite in April 2017. During the first three months of their tour Deep Purple will visit big cities all across Europe, except from the famous cities in the northern parts of Europe like London, Oslo, Trondheim, Stockholm, Glasgow and similar cities. But, after a long summer break they will continue their tour with a concert in Stockholm on November 6th, followed by a concert in Trondheim on November 8th, and then finally in Oslo on November 9th.

Would you like to be there at any of these Deep Purple concert in 2017? Further down you will find a ticket link, and pressing it you will find a website where you can buy tickets for all the different Deep Purple events all across the world.

Deep Purple Oslo 2017
Deep Purple Oslo 2017

Deep Purple Oslo 2017

Oslo Spektrum
November 9th, 19:30

Tickets: Viagogo

Doesn’t it sound like a great way to spend a wet, snowy and cold November day in the Norwegian capital? We hope you will enjoy the event, and if you want more information about the famous attractions in Oslo, or about other events and concerts taking place, look around here in our Oslo Guide.

Bob Dylan concert in Oslo 2017

The legendary musician Bob Dylan will come to Oslo to perform in Oslo Spektrum on April 4th. Would you like to be among the lucky people in the audience?

Bob Dylan will be out on a big tour in Europe this spring. Oslo will be among his first stops. In addition to Oslo he will also visit Stockholm, Copenhagen and Lund in Scandinavia, and once finished up north he will travel on to other European cities like Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Glasgow and Dublin. Would you like to be there at one of these Bob Dylan concerts in 2017? It can of course be fixed!

Bob Dylan concert

Bob Dylan Oslo 2017

Oslo Spektrum
April 4th, 18.30

Tickets: Viagogo

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Green Day concert in Oslo

green-day-concert in OsloGreen Day will tour Europe in the start of 2017, and of course Oslo is one of the cities Green Day will visit. Do you want to be there in Oslo Spektrum for the Green Day concert on January 25th?

During the Green Day tour in the start of 2017 Green Day will visit lots of important cities all across Europe. They will visit Stockholm, Berlin, London, Paris, Bologna, Berlin, Prague, Krakow and quite a lot of other cities, but in Norway only Oslo will be visited. That is why you need to get your tickets in order for the Green Day concert in Oslo if you want to listen to your favorite band in Norway in 2017.

Tickets for the Green Day concert in Oslo can be bought from Viagogo. The tickets for the Oslo concert is a bit more expensive than if you decide to listen to Green Day as they visit Prague three days before they come to Oslo. If that sounds tempting, then you can read more about events and concerts in Prague right here.

The Green Day concert in Oslo Spektrum is planned to start at 19.30, meaning that the punk band probably will be on stage earliest at 20.00. But, if you wait for something good, then that is no problem at all!

While in Oslo

If you have some hours to spare while in Oslo, why not visit one of the amazing museums in town? If you like history or want to know more about the vikings, then there are museums in the Norwegian capital perfect for you. There are easier programs to digest in Oslo as well, for example a harbor cruise where you can eat some shrimps.

Have a good time at the Green Day concert in Oslo!

Mariah Carey concert 2016

Mariah Carey OsloMariah Carey will do a quite big tour in Europe in 2016 and she will visit big cities like Brussels, London, Krakow and of course Oslo. The Oslo concert will be arranged on the last day of March and the venue for the event is Oslo Spektrum.

Mariah Carey will enter the stage in Oslo Spektrum at 20.00 on March 31st and if you want to be there then you buy tickets for the event at WorldTicketShop. If you have not bought yourself her latest CD yet which has the name #1 To Infinity then you can buy that on

We hope you will enjoy the Mariah Carey concert in Oslo, and if you have some spare time while in Oslo and want to do a fjord cruise or maybe just visit the most famous attractions in Oslo, then you will find information about all such things here in our Oslo Guide. Enjoy your stay!

Nickelback concert in Oslo 2015

NickelbackGood news for all the Nickelback fans in Norway because the band is back with a huge gig in Oslo in October 2015.

Nickelback is a Canadian rock band which was formed in 1995. Through the years the band went through some drummer changes so its current line up consists: Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger and Daniel Adair. Nickelback is one of the most successful Canadian bands and the band sold over 50 million albums world wide.

The most notable songs of the band are How You Remind Me, Rockstar, Savin’ Me, Far Away, Burn It to the Ground, If Today Was Your Last Day and so on.

The Canadian rock band is on a world tour since the beginning of this year. The No Fixed Address Tour is the current tour of Nickelback which supports the band’s latest album the No Fixed Address Tour. With the tour the band will give plenty of concerts world wide including Oslo as well.

The Nickelback concert in Oslo will be on Saturday on 3rd October 2015. The concert will be held at the Oslo Spektrum. Tickets for the concerts are already available.

Oslo Spektrum
Sonja Henies plass 2, 0185 Oslo, Norway

For more information on the tickets and prices check the following site for more useful information: WorldTicketShop

Calvin Harris concert in Oslo 2015

Calvin Harris OsloNext year in the summer of 2015 Calvin Harris will give a concert in the capital of Norway in Oslo. Calvin Harris is a Scottish singer, songwriter and DJ.

His biggest break through in his career was in 2007 when he released his first debut album the I Created Disco. His second studio album the Ready for the Weekend which he released in 2009 was also a great success and some of the songs from this album such as I’m Not Alone and Ready for the Weekend were number one hits on several charts. Calvin Harris released his latest album the Motion in the beginning of November 2014 and the Motion is the Scottish DJ’s fourth studio album. Calvin Harris is currently on a tour from the end of this year until next year and in this occasion Harris will visit several countries on the world and in this occasion Calvin Harris will give a huge concert next year in Norway too. In Norway the concert will take place in Oslo at the Oslo Spektrum. The concert will be held on Sunday 28th June in 2015. Tickets for the concerts are already available.

If you want to buy tickets for the Calvin Harris event in Oslo Spektrum on June 28th, visit WorldTicketShop.

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Usher concert in Oslo

Usher is on a world tour from this year, 2014 and he will give plenty of concerts all around world. Usher with the UR Experience tour will start in North-America then later he will be on stage in several European countries as well. Usher is an American singer, songwriter who got world wide known in the late 1990s when he released his second album My Way. In 2004 after releasing his album Confessions brought him an ultimate success in the world of music and made him one of the best selling musician in the 2000s.

Usher 7th studio album Looking 4 Myself came out in 2012. In 2013 Usher mentioned to work on the 8th studio album which will be more similar to his Confessions than to his latest album Looking 4 Myself. In this occasion the UR Experience tour will visit several countries in the world from North American through Europe to Australia. Usher will be on stage in several European countries such as Germany, Finland, France, Norway and so on. In Norway the concert will be held in Oslo at the Oslo Spektrum. Usher will perform on Friday, 20th February in 2015. Tickets for the UR Experience concert tour are already available.

For more information on the tickets and prices check with WorldTicketShop.