Recommended Oslo hotels now!

Oslo is known to be a very expensive city in general, but when it comes to hotels in the central parts of the city it is not at all that expensive, at least if you find a good offer from one of the hotels. In this article we have some recommendations for you, giving you the names on some Oslo hotels with great locations in the very central parts of town, and at the same time they have received good feedback from their guests and they have good offers available at the moment. Do not hesitate, take a look at them, and hopefully you will find a hotel giving you exactly what you need and want, and hopefully at a price you can accept!

While in Oslo, do not miss out on the interesting restaurants, Holmenkollen and the other cool attractions in town.

Recommended Oslo hotels now!

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel (****)
Thon Hotel Astoria (***)
Hotel Continental (*****)
Park Inn (***)

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