How to get a Norwegian IP address?

I am currently living outside Norway, but I am in need of a Norwegian IP address. Are there any ways in which I can arrange this easily?

There are many ways in which you can arrange this, some harder and some easier. The solution to the problem is in most situations a so called VPN, or a Virtual Private Network. Instead of describing this in detail we can warmly recommend a service offering you the service of a VPN. This means that when you live in for example Spain and need a Norwegian IP address you start a program which creates a VPN to a Norwegian server, and thus you receive a Norwegian IP address and after that you can surf the net and it will look like you do it from Norway to different servers and whatever websites you visit.

The program and service we normally use to get a Norwegian IP address when surfing from abroad is HideMyAss. It has a monthly subscription fee, but it is a great investment as it also encrypts your surfing, making it safer, especially compared to using open WiFi networks at cafes and restaurants around the world. Just connect to the WiFi server there for free, then start the HideMyAss application, and in a few seconds you are protected and surf the web with a Norwegian IP address.

For more information, prices and subscription, visit the HideMyAss page.

Lots of people, both Norwegians and foreigners keep on asking how to watch the Norwegian state television from abroad on the internet. The live stream is only available to people living in Norway, or people who has a Norwegian IP address. Again HideMyAss is a great solution and it will make it possible for you to watch the NRK live stream for all around the world!

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Just installed the HideMyAss program and ordered a one month subscription, and it is wokring superbly. I needed it to get a Norwegian ip address and now I am able to watch NRK online as much as I’d like. Great stuff and thanks for the article!

  2. Letha says:

    I personally consider this particular blog post really pleasurable and also the blog post was a superb read. Thanks a lot-Letha

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