Black Sabbath concert in Oslo 2013

Here is the newest proof of the rock’n’roll’s immortality, because the Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osborne will start a European tour in 2013! Moreover, before the tour they made a common new album, the 13.

The band released the first album Black Sabbath in 1970, but it was only moderated success, but without any doubt, they were the first and most important heavy metal band. Already from the start their lyrics have been darker then the contemporary bands’ music. At the end of 1960s, music bands fought for peace and made psychedelic music, but the Black Sabbath used the subject of occultism, war, world’s end and gothic story telling. In their music anger and the fight against institutions were the most important; it was brand new thing! Through 40 years 22 musicians played in the band, but in this autumn it will be almost the original line-up.

Moreover the fathers of heavy metal will visit the bigger European cities during their tour, so they will give a concert in the capital of Norway, the amazing Oslo too. If you one of those, who were the fan of Ozzy Osborne and the Black Sabbath and love the real, hard rock music than do not miss one of the most important returned bands’ concert on 24 November 2013 at the Gamle Snarøyvei, Oslo! Have fun!

Black Sabbath concert
November 24th
Tickets: Viagogo

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